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TrustOffice is Windows 2000, XP and Vista compliant

It's compliant with any office suite like Microsoft Office Word, OpenOffice Writer etc ...

TrustOffice is a Virtual Printer which sends your mail for you.
To download TrustOffice, open a Netcorrespondence account.

Directly from your office

No need to go to the post office to send your ordinary letters, recorded delivery letter, fax, e-mail.
Take advantage of a trusted third party
Take advantage of the legal opposability of your correspondence and the reversal of the burden of proof
Send your e-mail as easily as you print

Simply efficient

In one click your document is transfomed in physical mail, a fax or an e-mail
Forget the paper and stamping annoyance
Forget the printing troubles like paper jam or empty ink cartridge
Forget the waste of time waiting at the post office...

Think TrustOffice® !

Step 1 :
Whithin your software, click on File -> print
Step 2 :
Select the TrustOffice printer
Step 3 :
Configure sending options
TrustOffice is recognizing the recipient address and let you modify it.
Choose the sending media, ordinary mail, recorded delivery mail, fax or secure e-mail in black and white or color printing.
Step 4 :
Trustoffice displays the mail data : number of pages, price, etc, and invites you to validate it.
Step 5 :
You are immediately informed on the execution status of your post.
All the sent mail stay available on the backoffice web interface http://www.netcorrespondance.com

Accepted format

TrustOffice allows you to send various document types (txt, doc, docx, excel, e-mail, etc)
However, in order to print PDF, you will need to perform a specific manipulation by using this shortcut:
Start Menu -> Program -> TrustOffice -> TrustOffice.You will be able to find the address at the beginning of the document.