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How it's work

You have the ability to send your documents form your ERP or your word processing, just by printing them with the TrustOffice virtual printer.

You can also send a letter from the Netcorrespondance backoffice to one or several recipients by uploading a PDF or MS Word document previously created.

Our recorded delivery letters are only available with acknowledgment of receipt

Added value

Netcorrespondence ensures the printing, the folding, the filling of the recorded delivery form and the transfer to the postal services.

A recorded delivery letter sent with Netcorrespondence has the same legal value as the one you would print and sent by yourself.

Job submissions received on our platform before 10:00 a.m CET (Paris time) will be shipped the same day.
The mail is collected twice a day at 15:00 and 17:00 (Paris time) from monday to friday by the French postal services.

Moreover, we have very attractive prices. More information about our prices.