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2001/115/CE electronic invoice

Intended for small businesses and industries and microbusinesses, the Trustmission electronic invoicing offer provides a simple and practical answer to needs, enabling:

- The use of efficient pooled electronic systems complying with French tax regulations.
- Budgetary savings on the unit cost of processing of an invoice (R.O.I),
- Improvement in the productivity of the invoicing department of small businesses and more generally in commercial exchanges.
- Handling of new international markets (ability to extend the electronic model easily).
- Elimination of paper archiving and exchange obligations (10 YEARS) for the supplier and the recipient of the invoice.
- Certainty of having your invoices centralised in a computer system with secure backup.

How it's work


1) The customer accepts the invitation to dematerialise with his supplier
2) The customer receives the notification from TrustMission
3) He connects to the secure WEB management interface to access his invoice
4) He must check the validity of the certificate and the signature or sign the mandate for checking of this signature with TrustSeed
5) The archiving obligations remain the same

TrustMission / NetCorrespondance

1) TrustMission identifies the parties
2) TrustMission signs the invoice document electronically (proxy)
3) TrustMission carries out archiving according to the criteria referred to in the article of law concerned (WORM support for three years + current year)
4) TrustMission places the invoice in PDF format, incorporating the electronic signature, on a secure WEB interface for consultation
5) TrustMission notifies the customer of its arrival, naming the supplier concerned.*

*Service available shortly: third party signature validation by TrustSeed S.A.S


1) The supplier invites his customer to dematerialise
2) He prepares his invoice with his commercial service
3) He generates a document in PDF format and then uploads it to TrustMission

The job is finished. It will cost the supplier only a few euro cents to process and archive his invoice.

The supplier and the sender save time and therefore money.
The supplier eliminates paper document flows and archive management.


- Clear documentation explains to you the obligations associated with the article concerned  [Download this documentation]
- Documentation describing fiscal European directive 2001/115/CE  [Download the fiscal European directive 2001/115/CE in its entirety]
- An example of an invoice exchange agreement  [Download a sample]
- An executable file is supplied by TrustMission to allow you to check your signatures until our partner TrustSeed's Web service becomes available.  [Download LP7Signer]