Send your documents all over the world

Prices for international sendings.

With Netcorrespondance your are able to send documents from your computerall over the world.
The postage depends on the current French postal services prices at 2nd march 2009.
To get Netcorrespondance service costs, please see the costs page. The postage cost must be added to the service cost.

To calculate your postage costs,
use our interactive map

N.B: the postage cost must be added to the NetCorrespondance service price

How does it work?

Netcorrespondance ensures :

  • the conversion of your documents to PDF
  • the printing of the documents
  • the documents folding
  • the deposit to the postal services (La Poste, France)

Of course, we rely on the destination countries postal services and we can't provide more than their own guarantees.

Added value

Netcorrespondance provides the archiving of your sendings with probative value.
All your sent documents are available online from Netcorrespondance web site.
For more infomation about archived documents and their availability, please see the solutions page